A Gift of Wings

Cover-72-DPIThe world he left behind…

Half-Seraph and skilled fighter, Aidan Townsend could no longer live with the consequences of being a celebrated member of the Forces of the Fallen—so he walked away from it all. Now, he has created a new life for himself—a human life—as songwriter and lead singer for a successful Chicago band. And he keeps his angelic abilities carefully hidden—even from himself.

…is the world that awaits her.

Lucky Monroe is just an ordinary girl—or so she thinks. About to turn eighteen and with high school behind her, she’s looking for a job, contemplating the possibility of college, and gradually coming to terms with her beloved grandmother’s descent into early-onset Alzheimer’s. Then her cousin Josh takes her to hear a popular local band—and she sees fiery wings extending from the back of the handsome and charismatic lead singer. Suddenly, she finds herself enmeshed in a world of Fallen angels, demons, and ancient deities—a world that promises knowledge of her newfound powers, as well as a budding romance, but also threatens all she holds dear.

Click the picture below to view the book trailer:

03-Half Flame Wing

The book is available in e-book or paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The e-book is also available through Smashwords.


4 Responses to A Gift of Wings

  1. Sherrey Meyer says:

    Stephanie, by chance do you have a .mobi file of your book that you could email me? I’d be more than happy to review it and highlight it on my book blog, Found Between the Covers.

    • sstamm625 says:

      Thanks for the review offer, Sherrey! I do have a .mobi file I could send you. Interestingly enough, writing this book was an act of healing for me. My elder sister had early-onset Alzheimer’s like my MC’s grandmother. Telling Lucky’s story helped me work through some things related to my sister. The book is dedicated to her.

      • Sherrey Meyer says:

        Stephanie, I read your comment with great interest. We recently lost my husband’s brother, a dear and talented man, to a rare form of dementia, considered second only to Alzheimer’s. It is called Lewy body dementia, frequently misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s. Over a period of 18 months, he simply disappeared cell by cell, and it was a most devastating time for all of us. Perhaps reading your book to review it will add some healing to my grief. This brother-in-law was my writing mentor and supporter.

      • sstamm625 says:

        Sherrey, I’m sorry to hear about your loss–and in 18 months–so sudden. I don’t know which is worse–something so fast or a slow decline. My sister declined for 10 years after her diagnosis, gradually losing more and more of herself and her mental and physical functions. So the grief lasted a long time. But losing someone so suddenly and painfully–so sad. I wish you healing–and I would be honored if the book can play a small part in that.

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