Lessons from the Road #11: Todi & Orvieto

Lesson #11:  Don’t try to squeeze in too much, but enjoy the sites (sights) while you can.

Time to head back to Rome to fly back home. But our flight didn’t leave until late in the day, so we had time to make a couple of quick stops. We had planned on going to Orvieto to see the Cathedral, but the owner of the villa suggested we also stop in Todi, as it had been called the most livable city in the world. We didn’t have long in either place, but we had time to walk a bit and snap a few pictures. For this last post on the Italy trip, I’m going to let those pictures speak for themselves. Ciao!


Todi Views Todi View2 Todi View3

Todi View4

Copy of Todi View 4 Copy of Todi4 Copy of Todi View5 Copy of Todi Archway


Copy of Orvietto Cathedral Copy of Orvietto Front

Orvietto - Pillar Man2Orvietto - Pillar Lion2Orvietto - Pillar Bull Orvieto - Pillar EagleOrvietto MadonnaOrvietto Creation Detail 2 Orvietto Creation Detail 1Copy of Orvietto Annunciation Copy of Orvietto Annunciation as well

Orvietto Coronation of Virgin2 Orvietto Rose Window Copy of Orvieto MadonnaOrvieto Door Angel Orvieto Door Angel2

  • Orvieto (imlulu5.wordpress.com)
  • Todi… (loisreynoldsmead.wordpress.com)
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2 Responses to Lessons from the Road #11: Todi & Orvieto

  1. Kudos to you for doing these both in the same day! You got lovely pictures of the two gorgeous towns!

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