Lessons from the Road #3: Rome to Venice

Lesson #3:  Slow down and let go of the need to control. Ideas come when you let your mind quieten and open up.

Day 3 started with a solo trip to see a couple of sculptures I couldn’t imagine leaving Rome without seeing: Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and Michelangelo’s Moses. These two incredible works of art are tucked away in a couple of churches within easy walks from the Metra lines, the former in Santa Maria della Vittoria and the latter in San Pietro en Vincoli. Some people go to mass every week in a church with a Bernini or a Michelangelo (or a Titian or….). Wow….

Copy of Ecstasy of St Theresa2

That angel just looks so happy to plunge that arrow into Teresa’s heart.

Copy of Michelangelo's Moses Close up

Moses has horns because of a mis-translation in The Vulgate Bible, where a Hebrew term that can mean “rays” (like, of light) or “horns” was translated as “horns.”

Along the way, I also passed the Moses Fountain. In Rome, it seems, there’s some ruin or amazing work of art around every corner.

Copy of Moses Fountain

That afternoon, we caught a train to Venice—and it was lovely to have a few hours to read and reflect. I’d taken along Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird to read, and Lamott’s words, combined with the amazing art I’d seen in Rome and the time to slow down and let my mind wander, set the ideas free. I alternated between reading and scribbling notes about my current WIP, A Gift of Shadows, and the as-yet-unnamed third volume of the Light-Bringer series. These ideas were an unexpected gift that came when I gave them the mental space in which to manifest.

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6 Responses to Lessons from the Road #3: Rome to Venice

  1. L. Marie says:

    Oh how lovely! I’m glad you’re enjoying this trip. I totally envy you. I’ve always wanted to go to Rome. How inspiring!

  2. sstamm625 says:

    Thanks! You should definitely go if (when!) you get a chance. Some friends of mine went several years ago and told me how wonderful it was. I wasn’t convinced I’d love it so much until I was actually there.

  3. tpolen says:

    I’m ready now – when do we leave?

  4. I popped by Rome for a few days too. Could have done with a few more, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

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