Guest Post by Stephanie Stamm, author of A Gift of Wings

Thanks to Teri Polen for the opportunity to do a guest post on (shudder!) horror at her blog Books & Such–just in time for Halloween. Pop on over and check it out–and stick around to read some of Teri’s excellent reviews.

Books and Such

I’m so excited to welcome Stephanie Stamm, author of A Gift of Wings (if you haven’t read it, you’re living a deprived life) to Books & Such.  I met Stephanie last spring at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest shortly after she’d published her book and in the early stages of getting her blog up and running at 8607664  When I asked her to write a guest post a few weeks ago, she graciously agreed, but said it would have to wait until she returned from Italy – awesome!  And if that’s not enough excitement, her short story Phantom Pains, has been accepted by Mystery and Horror, LLC, for their “Undead of Winter” anthology due to be released November 18th.  Thanks so much, Stephanie, for being a guest on Books & Such.

When Teri approached me about writing a guest post related to horror, I’d just heard Stephen King on  NPR promoting the release of his new novel

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